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  A bit about me, I'm born and raised in New York. A person who was not doing so well in school and ended up dropping out. I started working at the age of 16 at the United Artist theatre for about a year. At age 18 I worked at Dwayne Reade. A year later I got a job working as a porter(Age 19) in a large apartment complex. The first year is where I started to think about my future and goals. I saw my friends advancing with their lives and I felt like I was being left behind wasting my life. I decided to quit that job(Porter job) and go back to school and get my high school equivalency, college degree through a program in Touro college and eventually I received my Bachelors degree. During my college years I worked full time with my Dad in his small business which was a handyman to a scale of a small time construction business. I did not stop there because I kept having the urge to challenge and work on myself. I had my insecurities to deal with and confident issues like some people struggle with. I continuing to work on them as well as planning and going forward into the future. Not to say insecurities don't. My biggest struggle then was social anxiety and still is until this day but, a lot less thank God, therapy, exercise, being productive and proactive. I decided on October of 2016 to start posting videos of myself on Youtube which I was very interested in doing years ago. Years ago, however, I kept working on myself by small goals like therapeutic exposers to social situations that illicit anxiety to gain confidence. As I did this for years, my goals became more realistic, I finally had the courage to post videos of myself and take heat from people who disagreed with my videos or just are plain rude. Alas I’m doing more achievement’s and pursing more and as the future comes. Follow along in the journey and I hope it could inspiring someone who is dealing with a similar situation in their lives, friends, family and even you. Thank you for taking the time to read and explore.     


I never new how exciting it would be to create something of your own and share it with the world would be like. It is like another world in itself. As I keep creating more content I start seeing a picture but it is a very small portion of a really really really large picture. I embrace the movement that happens during the process of the journey being a creator It is exciting and scary at the same time. I reflect on the excitement from all of it because moments go by so fast. Social media and Social media today is moving so fast it is hard to keep up with at times but still fun!

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